Hobby & Competitions

Site Watcher - Web monitoring project similar to Google Alerts.

VietSpeak - Vietnamese Language-learning site running on meteor.js.

BTLED Cube - Exploring bare metal programming of Nordic BTLE radios on an LPC1114 ARM chip.

DEWS Tech - Maker Startup Weekend project to develop a Quadrotor water sampling platform.

MoodBox - Maker Startup Weekend project to develop an ambiance-setting box.

Schoolwork Highlights

Beat Wizard - A flash-based rhythm game for UW CS Games Capstone.

Ubicomp Lab (2011-2012)

Developed POWL, a minimal, low-power Peer-to-Peer wireless transmission protocol for MSP430 over the CC2500 radio. This year-long undergrad research project involved examining the code base for TI’s SimpliciTI wireless network protocol, determining the bare minimum overhead need to set up and transmit data on a P2P network, and running experiments to determine power consumption and throughput.

Modular Matrix LED (Winter 2012)

For my Senior capstone in Electrical Engineering, my team worked to implemented a modular display built from 9 8x8 LED grid display units. Each square unit would have an IR receiver/transmitter on each side of it (4 in total), and the units, when arranged in a 3x3 pattern would synchronize their displays to show a single 24x24 pixel image. Unfortunately the project wasn’t fully completed in the 3 weeks that we had to work on it, but the experience was an invaluable lesson in scoping and the importance of rapid prototyping. In the end we were able to implement code to load an image onto a single unit from an IR breadboard, and I implemented an IR communication handshake for MCU’s with nonidentical clock speeds.

Kinect Pilot (Autumn 2011)

For a senior embedded development class, my group implemented firmware for an ARM7 dev board to control a Parrot AR drone. As an addition to the project, I implemented a server in C# to read skeletal data from a kinect and allow us to control the drone by using their outstretched arm as a 3-dimensional joystick.

Chronos Tone Machine (Autumn 2010)

For another senior embedded dev class, I built a tone-generating embedded app on the EZ430-Chronos smartwatch(before smartwatches were a thing). The Chronos would read accelerometer tilt data and wirelessly transmit it over to a another MSP430 connected to a CC2500 radio. The other MSP430 would generate and modify two separate, tone signals based on the x & y tilt of the Chronos.

Radio Lab (Autumn 2011)

This was a quarter-long project to build an AM receiver and transmitter, and then modify our designs to work as an FM transmitter and receiver. The class was an awesome crash course in analog circuit design, signal modulation/demodulation, and general RF debugging with oscilloscopes & spectrum analyzers.